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See through the Keyhole and into my world. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
oscar the grouch

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Life and the caracters in it. [Dec. 4th, 2008|10:49 pm]
oscar the grouch
[music |Built To Spill - Cortez The Killer (Neil Young Cover)]

Wow, i just went back and read my intire history of posts.
It was depressing in a way, I luaghed allot. Depressing because I used to be a much more interesting and fun loving person. And you can tell by the posts toward the end that I was slipping away. I really regret allot of choices I made Directly after I stopped making posts. I made allot of mistakes I ought to have learnt from.

On a better note, Im moving to Australia in a few weeks. I think it will be a great new begining for me. And Im really looking foward to being able to relax and become a whole new person that people feel they can depend on and trust with kindness.
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Swordie [Jul. 18th, 2008|09:15 pm]
oscar the grouch
[mood |awake]
[music |Podject runway in the backround.]

This a sword I made in the workshop yesterday. The blade is made of high tensile steel. I found a huge piece in the scrap. It was a used loader bucket wear plate that had been worn to a point were the edge of the blade is. The steel is extreamly strong and hard. and once sharpened can be hardened with heat and then quenched. This can only be done were the carbon content is higher than.03
Although completely unpractical, it is more ornamental than anything.
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Life moves in circles and finds its ways to play its games. [Sep. 6th, 2006|01:25 am]
oscar the grouch
[Current Location |Ex girlfreinds place]
[mood |complacentYeah]
[music |none, Rustling newspaper]

So much has happened and most of it bad. ready to go to nationals and yet ive managed to dislocate my shoulder and pop out three ribs and a disk. Rarrr. Doesnt look asthough ile be making it after all. Good news is I got some of my art into galleries, See them pictured? hopefully. Catcha later any way. short and swweeeeet eh!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Everything you never knew you wanted to know! [Jun. 12th, 2006|07:22 pm]
oscar the grouch
[Current Location |laundry]
[mood |crushedonions me?]
[music |squeeking breaks and gentle hum]

Its been sooooooooo, long since i updated, Sorry guys! And theres been so so much happening here in the cold dark dank world of Rikki. My New best friend jess has come down and were loving it. Shes so cool. Apart from girl troubles I havent been to darn bad. A lifestyle of drugs alcohol sex and debouched partying has taken the place of my once dull egsistance. And im loving it. I party every weekend all weekend apart from sunday wich is art club ( glorified group of friends who do art on sundays blahhhh) and thursdays wich is book club ( same again except with books). Ive been getting more into my my music of late to, new favourites are Tool, electric six, pluto, everclear, hot hot heat, and ofcoarse much much more. A new bar is opening soon REVOLVER wich i have taken part in creating and there having some really freakin tweakin local bands turning up such as, 48 may, elmenop, and steriogram. I cant wait, also dimmer and a few of my other faves at a later date. Cant wait.
Im really going to make an effort to update more soon. And during my holidays ile be sure to keep u informed.
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Sin is the peach that grows from within. [Apr. 13th, 2006|04:23 pm]
oscar the grouch
[mood |crushedFeathers]
[music |Its a fucking laundry mat]

Well Well, back again doin laundry. And finding time to update. Last weekend I was in my first car crash, yes I was a virgin! Lucky for me they broke me in easy and there was only mild whiplash and a bruised ego of the driver (not me). I also won the compitition I was speaking about last time and now ile be heading to the nationals as the otago and southland champion. I also won $500.00 In vouchers and shit. If I win the nationals I get to go to Japan and copete in the worlds. They somtimes have upto $100,000 in prize money woop woop! I was also in the paper for my achievment.
I have met a new group of friends in invercargil and havin great fun mucking around over there.
This weekend I will be going on a roadtrip with leo and melissa. We will be pretty much travelling over the whole country.
Yay for easter, Oooh yeah I also got a payrise from my boss. Im now on $17.50 and will be getting another in about a week upto 18.50 then once im fully qualified I will be getting about 25 an hour woop woop.
Leo was so sick on the weekend cause hes an alcoholic and shit.
Well I think thats all for now. Will update later.
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The milkyway isn't as tasty as it sounds. [Mar. 30th, 2006|07:31 pm]
oscar the grouch
[Current Location |Wash house]
[mood |contentO.K I guess]
[music |Hot Hot Heat]

Its been a long time since I last updated, mostly because of my breakup with caroline. But also because I have been going thru some thick shit. I Recently went to the mental health clinic and they have started medicating me. At first I was worse off as they seemed to want to pry into my childhood allot. But now things are better. I have to thank caroline for that, She was the one who advised me to go in the first place even after all the shit I put her through. Caroline is a genuine good person.
I havent done anymore art in a long time, but I have writen allot of poetry. I will post some soon as the launderette I use has the internet.
This weekend I am competing in a welding compitition and hope to win. I came 2nd the year before last and I have a real shot at getting to the nationals.
I am also in the prosses of finishing my degree in engineering which I am looking foward to.
My best friends sister is coming down to live and it will be cramped in our tiny flat/cabin.
So yeah . Cant say I was suprised no one commented during my absence. But hopefully with the medication I will be a more likable person.
Has been a hard couple of months, but things are starting to turn around. No more reoccuring nightmares or delusions recently so thats a plus+

Would really like some feedback?
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Life and its evil friends. [Feb. 19th, 2006|12:26 pm]
oscar the grouch
[mood |worried................]
[music |...............]

Life is hollow and without meaning, But those polyester smiles you seem to keep them gleaming.
Searching for the front desk looking in the back. Just to give this life a boost I am seriously considering crack.
Aimlessly lurching down the corridoor of life banging into my metophoric walls. To tired to care and to lonley to stop, Ile keep on staggering or at least until I drop.
Is there anything behind these doors, Are there any lives behind these walls? I want to be closer but this invisable depression keeps me at bay. I know its not me thats keeping them away.

Dont know how to explain the way I feel right now. Like I cant get close enough to people to satisfy somthing inside me that is burning with lonelyness, no matter how close we get.
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There is no need for a tittle here. [Feb. 11th, 2006|07:45 am]
oscar the grouch
[mood |mischievousSpawn of bealzibub]
[music |Reformated]

Woah, Im so sore and tired. Ive been up the mountain for about a week and a half. Good fun tho. We have only done about 300-400 metres. And that was the easy stuff. We will probably have to do some blasting. So that should be fun. Its crazy up there, The other day I found some money on the ground and then some more and more and more. Aparently you can find all sorts of crazy stuff up there left from the skier and snowboarders. Hotel keys, oakleys, cell phones, wallets, money, car keys, all sorts.
The kea's (alpine parrot) have been hangin around. Hopefully they dont come over because they will rip anything shiney appart.
I just hope we dont get stuck up there in the winter, its cold enough now.
Havent been able to do a hell of allot on the computer as it shat itself and it has just been reformatted and its stuck on big screen, grrrrraaaaarrrr.
Well thats all for today, will see you later.
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Dead decaying apples in hell. [Feb. 4th, 2006|06:22 pm]
oscar the grouch
[mood |crappywimble]

Really fucked off with this computer! This is the third time ive tried to update, feel like I could slam somone in the head with an axe.
Anyway, havent been up to a hell of allot lately. But ive decided to post a couple of these pics finally.
Image hosting by Photobucket
I like it how this is sort of cartoonized, cartoonized, cartoonized, I like that, I might use it again.
O.k because I love you im going to improv a poem.

Like a single leaf dances in the wind, I will find my settling place alone.
The wind turns me in cirles back onto myself, to find a lonely throne.
The summer breaze wispers me my tune, and I follow my feet like a million men before.

O.k bye now. Everyone loves somone for somthing.
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The world is a vampire. [Feb. 1st, 2006|07:00 am]
oscar the grouch
[mood |grumpyBarely awake. Bit ill.]
[music |Built to Spill - Modest Mouse, Rentals]

Shivers, its been Awile since Ive updated. Not that nothings been happening but rather I cant be bothered writing about the meanial and mundane details of my vanila lifestyle.

Things that ive done since my last post.

Shaved my head.
Had a fight.
Went to mates birthday kegger.
Downloaded a shitload of mp3's.
Layed on the floor of the video store until closing.
Worked on the weekend in 40+ degrees c
Spent two hours calling around New Zealand finding a uni that does material sciences/metalurgy.
Fell in love with an acorn.
Seen King Kong, and Chronicles of Narnia. (love NZ films)

And yeah and stuff aye!

I will be going upto Remarkables ski field on thursday were we will begin welding 2.1 k of pipeline up the mountain. Its isolated extream weather conditions and fucking amazing views.
We will be going to the cicus soon also.
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